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Caught in the DENIM TRAP? Check for symptoms. June 20, 2009

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Don’t get me wrong. There is no big deal if you are a girl in love with your jeans but my point is we are the privileged gender who has more choices, a variety of outfits we can don; so why get stuck in the denim trap? Here is a quick checklist to see if you are  a DENIM DAMSEL (Doing too much Denims)


1- You are wearing denims today

2-     You are sure you are going to wear them tomorrow too

3-     You go party in denims with a tee

4-     You jog in denims

5-     You sleep in denims

6-     You work in denims

7-     You shop in denims

8-     You pack off denims for vacations with different tees

9-    Your shopping list consists of denims and more denims

10- You buy denims from all over the world not because they are better in fit and quality but because that’s all you wear

So my dear girl, if you said yeah to more than 3; welcome to world of blues and denims; where everthing is blue below the waist; sometimes in another color but mostly different shades of blue characterize your bottoms. It’s denim all the way for you. It’s denims in summer, raining denims in monsoon and denims keeping you warm in winter. You love denims. You will never leave them. You’d kill for them. You’d do anything. You scream if you don’t find them. You feel they are such an integral part of you; something like spectacles or a watch. It’s your second skin.


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