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Chic NJJ Celebs ! June 28, 2009

OOOh these celebs and what they wear makes me want to dream about raiding their wardrobes and jotting down details of their every dress, color, cuts, shoes and the works! They are chic, classy, stylish to the core and they are themselves almost all the time. Now the rest of the non fashionable gang could learn a thing or two from these uber cool gals who know that there is NJJ in this world when you want to dress up like a doll.Simone Singh

Simone Singh

1. No.1 on my list is Simone Singh!

I could simply go on and on about this beautiful damsel who can give celebs, designers, models a good reason for introspection in their wardrobes. Whether its a fashion week or the launch of a new restaurant or a movie, she is always well turned out. Her style can be best summed up as elegant yet eclectic! Stylish SimoneTake a look.

Simone Singh

Simone Singh

She started off as a model and then rose to fame with Henna where she played the lead role of a dutiful Muslim wife. And was recently seen in movies like Being Cyrus, Kal Ho Na Ho etc. SimoneSing

Who else is on my list? No.2 Priya Kishore the owner of a WOW store called Bombay Electric in Colaba, South Mumbai. Never seen her in a pair of jeans yet been astounded by almost every outfit I have ever seen this lass don! From plains to prints; dhoti pants to flowy full length

Priya Kishore of Bombay Electric

Priya Kishore of Bombay Electric

dresses; she carries every dress with elan.

Can’t get enough of the NJJ dollies?

Keep watching this space as I will continue to post and profile the most stylishly dressed celebs for you to DROOL on!


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