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Dongre’s Designs Dazzle! July 3, 2009

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Today is my lucky day. Yea it is. My birth date is no.3 and I sincerely and religiously believe that any date that adds up to no.3 is my lucky day. And this belief comes from experience mind you. Because on a no.3 day I have either been rewarded, gifted, spoilt silly. Ok maybe not all of these but some of these are true. Basically I have either “won a contest” on mostly no.3 dates or got gifts etc etc. (Yes am a big contest winner! Won tons of those!!!)

So today was no different and I did receive some good news too! Coincidence? Ok, now you don’t really care about what I get; what’s in it for you? Well, hold your horses.

Apart from all the blessings being showerd on me, there is some stuff I have good for you. It’s Shopping at AND again! Yea Mrs. Dongre is putting her wow designs on sale and yes you too can come and join the party!

Anita Dongre Sale


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