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Ayesha, Ayesha….! July 13, 2009


Bubbly, beautiful, blunt. She is what she is.  No short skirts. No skin show. No less is more formula for this Bollywood Babe. She is young, vibrant and cute as a button! Ayesha Takia Azmi made heads turn from her very first movie. It was not the clothes or the lack of it, it was something about her personality that struck you instantly and drew you towards her. She was natural or rather she is. No points for guessing why she is on the NJJ blog. I have met Ayesha several times in my life and can safely say that she is a non conformist! She loves big, bold, bright things. The simple boring clothes just won’t do. Her clothes are as bright as she is! What’s more important; Missy keeps it decent, elegant yet never seizes to make heads turn. ayesha-takia-azmiAnd last but not the least the lovely lass has delcared that she is working on a fashion wear line that she is designing! Now, I can’t wait to see what that’s gonna be like!


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