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Chennai Chic September 7, 2009

Filed under: NJJ Stores I love — Gorgeous Girlie @ 5:00 pm

Brass tacks

Very often am truly amazed at how I come across some of the most stylish, no-non sense, NJJ stuff in South India ! Whether its Bangalore or Chennai or any other city downsouth – they do have a sense of style and we have to admit. The rich silks and the Indian colors – they use them like we will never know how. Now here is yet another South Indian Stores on my list. This one is called Brass Tacks Madras – kinda unique name you might think! Now if you are someone who is a teacher or a housewife or a teenager or a dancer or….I mean you could be anything and you could smart, sexy, very Indian and elegant with their clothes! Shocking ! It was for me too.
Brass Tacks
Take a look.


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