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It’s not just any tree. It’s THE OAK TREE! September 10, 2009

Oak tree colaba

When I moved to Colaba in 2008 after living the burbs for almost two decades (I still love Suburbs!) and, I had my assumptions and preconcieved notions. I wasnt sure if this place will be colorful enough worth shopping at. I know I know – its Colaba Causeway am talking about and its suppose to be Mumbai’s Meccah for shopping all that but what the hell I wanted to test it out. So everyday I’d just stroll along the street to discover my comfort zone, get to know the place better. One day I hesitantly walked into this store called The Oak tree. Why hesitantly? Because I thought its yet another Snooty South Mumbai store, unaffordable, impolite will only talk to you if they think you are a potential buyer. But wait a min, here is a store that is warm, friendly, a nice charming place to just look around – and yes not that expensive to buy either. What you get there? Well the bling! the bling takes the cake. It’s artificial costume jewellery that gives the real shimmer a run for their money. The place has an assortment of designers who showcase their tunics and clutches and sandles and bags and the bling. Oh the bling… I still can’t get enough of it! Go and grab some of their danglers for your western or Indian outfits; i keep adding new ones every month to my Oak tree collection.


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