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In the orbit? September 14, 2009


Trust me Iam in the Inorbit and its a lot of fun in here too! Iam talking about the Inorbit Mall in Mumbai at Malad. When it opened up, people visited the place the kinda liked it but boy! who knew its going to grow into this leading shopping destination with all the big beautiful brands thrown in and the food and the restaurants and the works.

Well if you are heading to Inorbit in Malad west then here are the stores you dont wanna miss for the world. Ok am only going to talk about the fashion stores now. Shoppers Stop! it has all the cool brands and the hot ones and the Indian and International spice too! Then head to Fab India, W, Bennetton – UCB, Giordano ( i told you i can’t stop once i get started in here!) Park Avenue woman, AND – Anita Dongre, Satya Paul, Hi Design, Charles and Keith, Aldo Phew!



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