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CARA September 15, 2009



Cara meaning black in Sindhi (yes i should know – i turned into a suttho sindhi after i got married) is a tiny store tucked away in the quiet and quaint bylanes of Koregaon Park in Pune. You may not hear about this one unless ofcourse from a localite or someone who has been here already. For there is no advertisign, no website that will rave, rant and recommend this place. However, once you come into Cara you wonder why its so understated yet offering something so fantastic! Clothes, accessories, shoes and bags picked up from all over the globe by owner and store manager Asmita Verma Lamba – Cara leaves a lasting impression in your mind. Each time I visit Pune for work or leisure, I must pay a visit to this store and perhaps come back home with a thing or two. It’s never the usual stuff here. It’s very classy and you must have a taste in clothes to appreciate all that you see. Although I can tell you one thing, every item is tres chic! Good stuff never comes cheap and here at Cara you don’t expect the finery to have shoestring price tags. Packing off to Pune? Load up on moolah and see what you find in Cara’s pitaara.


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