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A “mused” September 16, 2009

Ever since I moved to Sobo (South Mumbai) I used to wander around KalaGhoda and wonder as to where the store Muse is located. I guess I should have cut out the superficial roaming about the streets and genuinely made an effort to locate it. Had I done that I would have found the place a long long time ago! Ok I finally did today. And boy I came back delighted.

Enter Muse and you feel you are stepping into someone’s space, perhaps a living room of an extremely tasteful and elegant fashionista who has an assortment of nothing but the most premium, handpicked products.

For the fashion butterflies, its got all these shocking pink high heels and some pretty trinkets, dresses that make you look all intellectual and all (you know Kiran Rao types) and a whole lot of other goodies. You must visit Muse to see what this place at V.B. Gandhi Marg at KalaGhoda has to offer (the lane that goes in next to Rhythm House). Sprawling space on the ground floor with an eclectic assortment of books, vintage boxes, display pieces, colorful coffee makers et al.



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