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Truly stylish. Truly Tarana! September 26, 2009

Tarana Kapoor

Tarana Kapoor

Bold. Brazen. Beautiful! Tarana Kapoor or Tarana Raja Kapoor has been a popular RJ, VJ, dancer and has donned many hats. I was particularly inspired by her enthusiasm and professionalism when I worked with her at a radio station a few years ago. She so deserves to be on my NJJ Celebs list for her forthright attitude and always inventive style quotient. From jumpsuits to feminine outfits, she carries them all of with immense elan. If you are a fan too, go support her and watch her new play Some girls byt QTP productions at NCPA Experimental Theater, Nariman point (Call: 22824567).
Kudos Tarana! Always a fan.

Tarana Raja

Tarana Raja


2 Responses to “Truly stylish. Truly Tarana!”

  1. Shachii Says:

    Hey Gorgeous Girlie,
    Am a big fan of Tarana’s as well. Its her extremely sincere and honest attitude and her wit and exuberance that are so contagious. We miss her on radio!

    Love the play too. A lot more showings coming up at Prithvi theater in Juhu during Diwali weekend.

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