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Contemporary shopping…! September 28, 2009

Contemporary Arts and Crafts

Contemporary Arts and Crafts

Oh hey there! Its’ Dassera time. I hope you are feeling the festivities with Diwali just around the corner. Iam all kicked about the lights, diyas and crackers and the fun! Infact I can hear the Durga puja immersion celebrations right through my window as I type this. The people whistling, dancing, the festive music. Iam thrilled! Although I hope we all go organic and don’t burst the regular crackers and do pay attention to the environment while we celebrate whole heartedly.

Coming to my favourite topic Shopping! I was at Napeansea Road today and was wanting to look at the stuff at the Contemporary Arts & Crafts the store opposite Dermalogica. Its a really warm place to be in and just hang around if you want to kill some time. The place is full of unique interior decorating items like a colorful fish shaped flask that you can use to pour water with or their vibrant storage boxes or stationery items. The place was friendly and a lot of fun to be at. I had some spare time before I headed to my class and I did come back with a few finger puppets, a cute and kitschy fish shaped (i think they have a lot fish themed stuff, wonder why!) spectacle case and some pencil holders too. Looking for gifts for friends and family? There is a lot of elegant stuff to bring home. Go ahead, delight yourself and others..!

Contemporary Arts & Crafts 19, Nepean Sea Road, Mumbai 400036. India.
E-Mails: Trade Inquiry :


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