Girly Hour

Chic Clothes. Girlie Goodies. Beautiful Bling! Etc.

I spent a girly hour did you? September 29, 2009

“Girly hours are good. Girly hours are fun! Girls can make you laugh and turn your troubles into half! Girly hours are meant for all the girls I recommend them to everyone!”

What a day! I met up with a close gal pal of mine who came to Sobo to shop at the famous Colaba Causeway. We went for lunch at the famous Cricket Club of India (CCI) and spoke about everything from life, love, life without love and life with it – things that make us happy and the ones that make us happier. Friends with rocking love lifes and the ones whose love lives are on the rocks. All this over a few glasses of wine and we had an afternoon we will remember for sometime to come. And then it was time to shop till we drop!

So I decided to take her to some stores I thought she should try out. The first one was Oak tree at Colaba Causeway. The bling bling store with trinkets and bracelets and jhoomkas and elaborate neck pieces. Even the likes of Shobha De come here to add to their glam quotient. After this we headed to Kazo boutique – aaah I love the store or rather the stuff. The new collection is so grunge replete with jeans in grey and blue with zipper pockets and tees that you wanna pick up before they run out. Some of the formal wear with boat necks and big buttons also fits completely into my wardrobe. You too shouls try out my favourite stores on Colaba Causeway. Incase you are wandering around the streets of Colaba and don’t know where to shop send me an email on or and I will set it right for you!


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