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I want big booty! October 31, 2009

I know everything happens at the right time. Whether you want it earlier or want to push it later, it will only take place when its really meant to be. Whether its your marriage, your baby or your beauty treatment!

Just like some stuff I always wanted to do and it happened when it really was meant to!

I have had these few passions – 1. To write 2. To work with kids 3. To teach 4. To shop! And I always wanted to do something combining all. And today am doing it all. Am doing all of the above. I must say am lucky. More than that am happy. I want to thank the lord for being so kind!

Back to Booty talk.

Like I said yesterday, I went to watch Aladdin. I had fun. It was full of just what I wanted! A world of fantasy with imaginary castles, stuff dreams are made of, where all wishes came true and everyone was happy. Cool na? Oh and the actress Jacqueline Fernandez was gorgeous! I noticed in a particular scene she was climbing the stairs of her hostel wearing brown boots – ooooooh I have been wanting a pair of boots since a long time. At first I thought I’d take them along on my honeymoon but then they were too big to carry all the way! But now I really cant wait – I must get them. I must do what my heart says – even though my mind says that I wont wear them often – my heart says – LIVE YOUR LIFE ! LIVE IT UP! BEFORE ITS TOO LATE! So yes, am going to buy a pair of BOOTS!Yaeeeeyyya! I will tell you all about them once I have them. For now – am all set to scout for the best pair of boots in town – although I do have Promod at Atria Mall in my head. Hmmm. I think am gonna get them there. (Fingers crossed)

P.S. When did you buy your first pair of boots? Which color did you invest in? Do you wear them often? Are you a boot lover? Tell me all about it !


Resurrecting the Recessionista!

White - New Delhi

Left with no money and naturally no will to buy clothes? Well designers do understand your sentiment and therefore WHITE at Delhi is showcasing a collection called “Reversing the recession” collection. Sounds cool eh? The designer is called Rahul Mishra and each dress that is part of his collection can be worn both ways, its reversible! So you get two at price of one. Now I’d think that’s a good deal! I’d bag it too! I wonder if they’ll ship to Mumbai. Maybe I will write to them asking them about what they have, they could send me pics and I could choose the stuff I like and you know we can take it from there. Aaah. Meanwhile you can go on to their facebook profile and catch some glimpses!


Latino Lass. October 30, 2009

Latin Quarters

Hey! Ssssup! Iam quite excited as am going for the latest movie Aladdin today! Yes, Aladdin of the magic lamp fame. I wonder if any of you girlies found the Aladdin guy in the cartoon cute. Wasnt he cute or am I crazy? Well, whatever. This movie is hindi and it starrs Riteish Deshmukh (love his comic timing) and also the Big Boss – Amitabh Bachchan along with newbie – Jacqueline. I love fantasy movies so am there at 11:00pm at Inox (Nariman Point) like a little child waiting for a magical world to unveil.

Ok back to the stuff that I luuuurv to talk about! Clothes and more of that. Latin Quarters, a store in Mumbai and other cities has its fall collection on the racks and they’d like you to come. Now, I haven’t honestly ever bought from this store, but, I’d say, give it a try. Its got the usual girlie stuff. And especially in their fall winter collection they have some nice clothes, tees, skirts, trousers in black you know to get you all dressed up real neat for the party season. So give it a shot! You never know, you might just end up looking like a lovely latino lass! Ahan!

P.S. Am so tempted to go back to being a little girl and spend a girly hour reading fairy tales. Awwwwww. Should I get myself a copy of Aladdin and a magic lamp? (Gosh I gotta grow up!)


Mallika! Marissa! My oh My!

Iam all for drama and the spunk. Understated? I used to be. But now I like to be edgy and love the attention. All eyes on me! Even for my wedding, I made sure I did something simple, stylish yet not so common – I wanted it all dramatic, memorable – the kinda wedding people talk about – yes that’s me! And which bride doesnt want her wedding to be talked about. Iam sure you do. Go dig down deep in your hearts of hearts am sure you do! When I dug down deep in my hearts of hearts, I found I so TOTALLY WANTED TO BE THE CENTRE OF ALL ATTENTION!

Mallika Sherawat with Marisa Tomei

So talking about center of attention and the spark and the spunk and the dress and the drama! Mallika Sherawat – the controversy queen – although am not much of a fan for her clothes but the girls got spunk! She is bold. She stands out. She wil wear what she wants and she doesnt give a damn! Well look at her here – you’ll know what am saying!

Hat’s off Madame Malaika for this pink but not so pretty outfit! Although! Go girl for the confidence – Iam a big big fan of that confidence that you exhibit!


The women next to her? That’s Marisa Tomaie, a popular American actress. If you are a big Seinfeld fan, you will be laughing your guts out now. Yeah you are? Iam too. (GUFFAW)



Take a bow at Tod’s


I have been working hard (Like really slogging it out) trying to save, but spending it all away (what to do there is so much stuff to splurge on!). Ever since I saw the Gwyneth Paltrow ad featuring the Tod’s shoes and bracelet or band whatever you wanna call it – Iam all eyes for the classic look. I just cant get over it. Cant stop thinking about it!

No I cant!

And when they had their sale a few months back, I picked up my Piggy Bank, overwithdrew from savings and was all set to pick up a pair of their shoes but guess what Murphy’s law was at play. NO SIZE.

TOD’s is too good to be true! SIGH. Looks like Iam gonna have to wait a little while longer to get TOD’s to tread into my closet, but you can! Their fall-winter collection is now on display. Go to their outlet at Nariman Point and get yourself a cool goodie from Toddiee! You luck you!


Gifts for d Grown-up Gal! October 29, 2009

Yep! Iam talking about Ssssssshhhhhh. (The mother in-law) What do they like? What do they want when its their birthday? Would jewellery please them more than good ol flowers and a home baked cake? Or would they want a spa voucher or a shopping spree voucher or something else altogether? Perhaps a saree or a fabulous new outfit? Iam confused. Iam concerned. What do you gift your mother inlaw when you need to gift her? What truly works? I mean I know it differs from one person to another and their own likes, dislikes and preferences but still what are some sureshot ways to gift your mother in law and delight her? Any suggestions, ideas, thoughts, please share with your gorgeous girlie as for now she is as clueless as she can be.



Early Birdies



Iam the early bird.  I always have been. Building castles in the air and daydreaming, but this time I was bang on!

5 years into the relationship and I kinda new I was getting married to him so I started cataloguing the best dresses, styles, western and Indian and before I knew I had piles and piles of wedding magazines in my room! If you are the bride to be, take my advice, start planning early and you will never regret it, never!

Getting Married next year? Planning early? Marriage Mantra presents Shoppers Fair on 5th Feb at Taj President and 12th Feb at The Club, Andheri. Be there to find the most happening things for your trousseau, jewellery, gift items and give aways and lots more! And if you want to book your own stall, get in touch with them on 2661 4438.