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Phoenixing October 4, 2009

Phoenix Mill, Mumbai

Phoenix Mill, Mumbai

Yes. That’s the “buzz” word for Sobo residents every Sunday. No great plans? Let’s head to Phoenix to wander and window shop, to sit and grab some coffee at Costa Coffee or shop to your hearts delight with a plethora of brands to choose from. Not interested in any of this? Go see a flick at PVR Cinemas. So much to do. But clearly Sunday is not the best time to shop at Phoenix for obvious reasons. More crowd, less service. More people, less peace.

So here Iam letting the cat out of the bag! Freelancing gives you immense flexibility. You schedule your meetings, working hours and you decide when to shop, surf, space out, snooze. Head to the mall on a weekday just when it opens around 11:00am and visit all the shops, enjoy the ambiance, feel like a queen being in this Sobo Paradise as you saunter in the lobbies, sip on ice tea (or whatever your poison is). Although you will discover something you like in almost every outlet there, here are my personal favorites.

Puma, Tres Mode of course there is Pantaloon and Lifestyle with almost all brands available under one roof. Penny Lane in Grand Galleria is also one new store I have taken a liking towards. Lots of new stuff about to open up at Palladium. Gorgeous Girlie will get you all the lowdown. Until next time, shop along!


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