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Window shopping! = No cash October 4, 2009

Oberoi Mall

Oberoi Mall

What does the title mean? It basically means that the only time I don’t buy something is when am really low on cash otherwise I come back home with atleast a silly tiny something even if its an envelope, a trinket, a pen, a book or whatever I see and I like! So today was one of those days when I had to push my desires down, really down there so they don’t spring back up and make me spend the little money that’s stashed away in the bank for an emergency.

It was a Sunday. A day Mumbai hadn’t seen in years or perhaps it could easily be the first time when it poured and poured in October as if it were June. The entire family decided to pack off in a car to travel to the suburbs (Ooh I love the burbs, that’s where I lived and did my schooling and I have all my friends and cousins there and its like this big nostalgic place for me! And and the malls there… aah I could really go on with this…) and visit the famous Oberoi Mall.

Now Oberoi Mall is like this really cool mall with a superfantabulous collection of clothes only if you are a girl that is (hehe)! No seriously speaking, they have giant sized stores for Raymond, Van Heusen, Esprit, Kazo, Chemistry you know all the cool girly brands! They even have great Indian and fusion wear in Central Mall and Lifestyle. You must visit the shoe section at Lifestyle if you are big on pumps because their Ginger brand pumps are so cheap and so good, like 500 bucks and they do last, believe me!

Basically, I had a good Sunday where I spotted what I liked and Iam definitely going back to get it all. Perhaps when I get the next cheque am going to hit the stores, bag the goodies and strut them around! A few things on the list: That grunged rugged jeans from Kazo and even the new formal wear there, I think I could do with that oh and now they keep footwear too! Boy those pairs made my eyeballs jump out of my eyes and jump in back again! The cropped tops from Chemistry were nice too, I could add them to my collection.

You wanna know whats good at Inorbit Vashi, I will be visting the place soon, keep watching the space!


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