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Thrilled to bits.. October 6, 2009

Oh hey there! (Muuaaa flying kiss) I had a super day. Why? Because my article featured in the Bombay Times today – page 2 you see. I love it! What was it about? Well the usual girlie stuff – pampering, preening, indulgence. How I love that ! Dont you? And especially with the festival around the corner who doesnt want to put their feet up and spoil themselves for a little while. Although I must say the way work is going, spoiling seems like a thing I wont be doing for a looooooooooong time to come. But shopping I must or I wont have anything to wear in the next few days. I must go and buy that pair of corduroys from Bennetton and also that pair of Jeans from Kazo, perhaps a cropped tee and a kurta too. Oh and I can do with a pair of gladiators from Tres Mode. I guess I should be able to fit all this in to my budget. What say Piggy bank? Is that a nod?


2 Responses to “Thrilled to bits..”

  1. Savannah Says:

    Awesome blog!

    I thought about starting my own blog too but I’m just too lazy so, I guess Ill just have to keep checking yours out.

    • Gorgeous Girlie Says:

      Hey Savannah! So good to hear from you. I suggest you too get a blog soon! 🙂 Meanwhile I will try my best to entertain you with mine. Although this one will be about shopping in Mumbai and India for a while. Enjoy! And do comment to tell me what you like 🙂

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