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What a girl wants October 12, 2009

Hey there! Do you ever wonder what you really want? I beg to disaggree with popular opinion when they say that “Girls dont know what they want”. I think they do know what they want. And I also think that they choose to always put their wishes behind. They compromise. They put themselves second. They let the other person be happy. They believe in the bigger picture. They smile so the other person can feel good. They cry alone. They bounce back. They keep mum. And they make it look all so easy! This one is to all the girls of the world who love unconditionally, live like there is no tomorrow and give more than they ever wish to receive. I too feel that I have put somethings behind and compromised so the other person can feel at ease. Its for the larger good and Iam ok with it. After all giving is more important than receving right? (I see you are giving me a smiling nod) Ok time to lighten up!

For me “Gorgeous Girlie” life is about luxury, comforts, enjoying my earnings and getting my bearings after I slog it out. I do like indulgence infact Iam a strong believer in the power of pampering. I like things the way I do. If I want chocolates on my birthday they have to be Patchi, if its good Italian food, its Trattoria at The Taj President. No am not a sucker for brands but I do appreciate fine quality and am willing to shell out the bucks every now and then. Iam always someone who would pay more and get the stuff that lasts rather than buy lots for less and then keep running back to buy more. I wonder how you shop? Do you shop from the street or High Street? Is it brands that bring you to the store or its the stuff no matter where, no matter what? Tell me, because I wanna know. The best shopping story wins a prize. Hurry!


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