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Diwali Shopping Spree !!! October 16, 2009

Recession? What’s that? Ok although Iam not someone who can spend like a 5 figured amount for shopping at one go but I do like to buy if I like what I see! Who doesnt? I kept telling myself, this time the money will go into the bank and I will open a recurring deposit account but alas I couldnt! Ooops! I went ahead and I shopped today. And am happy! Am happy! Got myself cool new cargo pants the ones you can fold up when you want to head to the beach waters (am going next month to a beach holiday my first anniversary you see 😉 and you can wear them down too. A tee to go with it – and also an uber cool or should I say smokin hot linen light blue shirt. Now this ones a must have for all the girlies! The tops and tee were from Scullers, I must say a brand that truly surprizes me. Its tres chic! And I ended up getting myself free meal vouchers and movie vouchers as they had an offer. Cool eh? I headed straight to Sobo Central and I guess I was lucky to to skip the Diwali shopping rush (I told you, your gorgeous girlie is a lucky gal) as I was there in the afternoon. The new store Mother earth did take my by surprize! Lots to tell you about this one… But before that! A VERY VERY VERY HAPPEEE DIWALI TO YOU! SHOP. EAT. CELEBRATE. LIVE. LOVE. GIVE!


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