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Lights of lokhandwala October 18, 2009

Ever since I moved to Mumbai. I haved lived in Lokhandwala (until I moved to South Mumbai last year). Yes I know the place inside out (Lokhandwala). The shops, the boutiques. The new ones, the old ones, the “just arrived” ones. I always keep track! Well, you cant help it. It is the most happening shopping place in the city. Or so I would think. And when its Diwali time, the place is something else! It is like a new bride decorated to a tee, looking ravishing, glowing in all its glory! The Lokhandwala Vyapari Mandal ensures that the entire street is glittering with a string of lights that begins at the entrance of the market and ends at the famous Lokhandwala Garden. Now to update you a little, there are a host of new establishments you can head to if you are in the mood to shop!  New stores for bags, shoes and of course clothes galore. Naksh, the Jaipur shop, Firangi market are a few names that come to mind. What do you get here? What are the best deals? What the big steals? I will fill you in with all the gyan. But what’s more! I enjoyed my Diwali lights yesterady at Lokhandwala. It felt like Diwali there. It felt like home. It felt beautiful!


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