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Iam in love with the world again! October 21, 2009

Swarowski Pendant

Swarowski Pendant

Son of a gun! Iam lucky. (Touchwood) I dont want to get tainted by putting this here. But am sure nothing will happen – you all love Gorgeous Girlie and will only wish the best for her right ! 🙂 I know it. Ok now am not really fond of jewellery unless it is  big, bold, beautiful and stunning like you have never seen before. Am really not a sucker for gold, diamond or platinum either – yea am cool if you wanna gift me some. But I may never wear it really unless its a WOW piece! You know what I mean. Something that will make heads turn truly. Now I have been wishing, wanting and waiting to buy myself a piece from Swarowski (no no not expensive at all) like a few thousand bucks but its a gorgeous one! I dont know why I waited for so long but today I know. I believe. I see why I waited to so long. I believe in a plan. Its the plan from the universe. The bell rang, it was the courier guy at the door and a parcel for me – it was a gift from Swarowski – not a bracelet but a sparkler pendant with a chain worth a whopping 5000/- Rs ! I had won it courtesy Elle magazine. My letter had been published in their section mail bonding. Aint it cool or what! What else is cool? Numerology makes perfect sense. Its 21st Oct today. And my numerology lucky no. is 3 so there you go! Iam so happy and excited and elated. Gosh! All I want to say is BIG BIG THANKYOU to all the strings that the universe pulled to bring me this gift that I have been wanting for long. Iam speechless.


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