Girly Hour

Chic Clothes. Girlie Goodies. Beautiful Bling! Etc.

I spent a girly hour! YaeeeyayYaeeyay! October 24, 2009

That’s right! Small things make me happy. Give me a flower and I will give you a BIG HUG! Buy me a sweet and I will be your friend forever. Take me for a drive when am down and I will be there when no one is around.

So today I spent a GIRLY HOUR at the Lakme salon down the road. Ok maybe not an hour, but over half hour pampering myself, relaxing, rejuvenating and immediately after that one of my shopping pals called and we fixed ourselves a shopping soiree tomorrow at Phoenix Mills. How cool is that? Ya, we are going to go everywhere. From Palladium to Lifestyle to Skyzone. Well she is getting married in a month and she wants me to help her shop for her trousseau. I told you, I told you they call me for this kinda stuff. Anyway am quite excited about tomorrow! It reminds me of my time last year, when I was busy preparing my own trousseau. And its the wedding season back again. Are wedding bells ringing for you or anyone know? Share with me. I love to hear this kinda stuff (excited with a twinkle in my eye)


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