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Pretty Pearls Please! October 25, 2009

I have always wonderered whats the big fuss about pearls. I mean they are small white balls after all. And am a messy girl who can barely walk straight for a few mins with heels on, how am I supposed to carry of pearls elegantly? And what about the maintenance. Aaarrgh. I’d rather just not wear them at all. Wait a min, that’s what I thought until I watched a movie yesterday. It was a Saturday night, and we went to Inox Cinemas at Nariman Point to catch the latest flick Julie & Julia. Lovely movie but more lovely? Meryl Streep. She as so elegant and charming and beautiful and timeless and what also contributed to all this? The pearls she wore. She carried them off with immense elan. Now pearls can really make you look radiant if you know how to wear them and ofcourse look after them! Teaming them up with a formal office shirt or a dress for a quiet dinner is ideal. While I figure out the place of pearls in my closet and mull over when and how I should wear them, you too can share some ideas on how you accessorise with pearls! Gorgeous girlie would love to hear your pearls of wisdom! 🙂


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