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Gifts for d Grown-up Gal! October 29, 2009

Yep! Iam talking about Ssssssshhhhhh. (The mother in-law) What do they like? What do they want when its their birthday? Would jewellery please them more than good ol flowers and a home baked cake? Or would they want a spa voucher or a shopping spree voucher or something else altogether? Perhaps a saree or a fabulous new outfit? Iam confused. Iam concerned. What do you gift your mother inlaw when you need to gift her? What truly works? I mean I know it differs from one person to another and their own likes, dislikes and preferences but still what are some sureshot ways to gift your mother in law and delight her? Any suggestions, ideas, thoughts, please share with your gorgeous girlie as for now she is as clueless as she can be.



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