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Mallika! Marissa! My oh My! October 30, 2009

Iam all for drama and the spunk. Understated? I used to be. But now I like to be edgy and love the attention. All eyes on me! Even for my wedding, I made sure I did something simple, stylish yet not so common – I wanted it all dramatic, memorable – the kinda wedding people talk about – yes that’s me! And which bride doesnt want her wedding to be talked about. Iam sure you do. Go dig down deep in your hearts of hearts am sure you do! When I dug down deep in my hearts of hearts, I found I so TOTALLY WANTED TO BE THE CENTRE OF ALL ATTENTION!

Mallika Sherawat with Marisa Tomei

So talking about center of attention and the spark and the spunk and the dress and the drama! Mallika Sherawat – the controversy queen – although am not much of a fan for her clothes but the girls got spunk! She is bold. She stands out. She wil wear what she wants and she doesnt give a damn! Well look at her here – you’ll know what am saying!

Hat’s off Madame Malaika for this pink but not so pretty outfit! Although! Go girl for the confidence – Iam a big big fan of that confidence that you exhibit!


The women next to her? That’s Marisa Tomaie, a popular American actress. If you are a big Seinfeld fan, you will be laughing your guts out now. Yeah you are? Iam too. (GUFFAW)



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