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Take a bow at Tod’s October 30, 2009


I have been working hard (Like really slogging it out) trying to save, but spending it all away (what to do there is so much stuff to splurge on!). Ever since I saw the Gwyneth Paltrow ad featuring the Tod’s shoes and bracelet or band whatever you wanna call it – Iam all eyes for the classic look. I just cant get over it. Cant stop thinking about it!

No I cant!

And when they had their sale a few months back, I picked up my Piggy Bank, overwithdrew from savings and was all set to pick up a pair of their shoes but guess what Murphy’s law was at play. NO SIZE.

TOD’s is too good to be true! SIGH. Looks like Iam gonna have to wait a little while longer to get TOD’s to tread into my closet, but you can! Their fall-winter collection is now on display. Go to their outlet at Nariman Point and get yourself a cool goodie from Toddiee! You luck you!


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