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I want big booty! October 31, 2009

I know everything happens at the right time. Whether you want it earlier or want to push it later, it will only take place when its really meant to be. Whether its your marriage, your baby or your beauty treatment!

Just like some stuff I always wanted to do and it happened when it really was meant to!

I have had these few passions – 1. To write 2. To work with kids 3. To teach 4. To shop! And I always wanted to do something combining all. And today am doing it all. Am doing all of the above. I must say am lucky. More than that am happy. I want to thank the lord for being so kind!

Back to Booty talk.

Like I said yesterday, I went to watch Aladdin. I had fun. It was full of just what I wanted! A world of fantasy with imaginary castles, stuff dreams are made of, where all wishes came true and everyone was happy. Cool na? Oh and the actress Jacqueline Fernandez was gorgeous! I noticed in a particular scene she was climbing the stairs of her hostel wearing brown boots – ooooooh I have been wanting a pair of boots since a long time. At first I thought I’d take them along on my honeymoon but then they were too big to carry all the way! But now I really cant wait – I must get them. I must do what my heart says – even though my mind says that I wont wear them often – my heart says – LIVE YOUR LIFE ! LIVE IT UP! BEFORE ITS TOO LATE! So yes, am going to buy a pair of BOOTS!Yaeeeeyyya! I will tell you all about them once I have them. For now – am all set to scout for the best pair of boots in town – although I do have Promod at Atria Mall in my head. Hmmm. I think am gonna get them there. (Fingers crossed)

P.S. When did you buy your first pair of boots? Which color did you invest in? Do you wear them often? Are you a boot lover? Tell me all about it !


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