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Cocktail and dreams ! November 30, 2009

Don’t you just love that movie? Its got all the mush, the lovey dovey stuff and of course its got “Tom Cruise” ! I think I maybe deviating from the topic at hand. What I want to talk about is how you can dress up for cocktail parties. Especially if you are going for a wedding cocktail party, please be careful not to steal the bride’s thunder (It’s Karma!) I recently wrote an article for Times of India’s wedding supplement and it has everyone from Ranna Gill to Mandira Wirk and Sabbah Sharma telling you all about the cuts, colors, prints, forms and dresses for your body type! You can safely say that you are all set.



Southern Spice

Shruti Hassan (Kamal Hassan’s daughter) for all those who don’t know has an interesting streak to her. She is a complete non-conformist (not in a wrong way). She has her individualistic style. She sings and boy she can! She is a looker!

I can say this much that the girl’s got energy oozing out her talent and by her mere presence. Whether its her singing performances or acting skills, we would definitely love her see dance and prance around trees and do our masala Bollywood flicks, wouldn’t we! Her very grunge and natural rock star look is something am all ga ga about. Although I wonder if she has a girly streak to her? Never seen that side to her as yet. Have you? Black seems to her favorite color. Is it Shruti?


Under the “beautiful” weather November 29, 2009

Mumbai at this time is pleasant. You can put on a nice jacket and a pair of boots to keep you warm if you like (or if you just need a reason to get them out of your closet). I did the same. Although the weather is beautiful and quite romantic, Iam kinda under the weather (Too much eating out, work stress aarrgh). Nature’s way of telling you to slow down, take a deep breath. I did make most of the Sunday though! Had a warm cup of coffee (tried a new Singapore based brand Melosa coffee its called. Yeah am quite a coffeeholic) caught up on some comedy programs and had a good laugh with family. I also caught the latest flick De dana dan! Quite a rib tickler contrary to reviews about the slow pace of the film, I highly recommend this one for a good laugh. We all need one now don’t we? I was really looking forward to looking at Miss Katrina Kaif’s wardrobe in the film but I was somewhat disappointed. I loved her looks in many movies includingĀ  the movie Race, Singh is King and even the recent Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani, however this one had her looking lovely only in the songs. Well ! You have to admit the lass looks good in almost anything but in this movie she could have done better. What do you think?


Watch out.

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Eat. Drink. Make merry!


Do you live to eat or eat to live? You know I used to be the former but now as am aging (well am 26 I don’t know why I keep saying that!) I am slowly trying to be the latter. I have some news for you. If you like to find out all the goodies that are available to eat and how to whip up gourmet cuisine and tell your Olive oils and all that – the upcoming Upper Crust Show is something you shouldn’t give a miss. Its got some awesome events, guest celebs, contests (OOh! I love contests) and much more. Bon appetit!


Good old November 28, 2009

Sometimes you know that the good old cup of coffee will comfort you. That not so new tattered jacket will still keep you warm and the cup of instant noodles will satiate your hunger like nothing will. So I decided to go down that “good old” road this weekend. I went to a store I used to visit before I got married and I was so glad to see the values that remained the same. I had bought a dress (A plain red dress) Only I know how badly I wanted a plain red dress but it seems like I wasn’t to destined to have it. Atleast not just yet.

As it turns out the dress didn’t fit, it had to be altered and it still wont fit. The store manager let me return it although it was after months and I came home with a brand new super chic outfit.

This pretty new thing had the winter look yet it had that glittery touch so I could put it on for a formal dinner I had to be at yesterday. I can safely say that I can always trust this Good old store with my outfits. I feel the loyalty, I still love the designs and I like that I can speak my mind and get things done in a way that will make me satisfied. Remember the Winter Chic I was looking for? I think I finally got it at Golmaal.


Esha’s Khopikar adorns Anita’s creation !

End of the year means new beginnings for many! Weddings galore and a whole new life in store. Our celebs too seem to choose this time to embrace holi matrimony. The latest in the bandwagon? Esha Khopikar and Timmy Narang. Quite a charming couple I must say! What I really want you to see is what Esha has donned on the mata ki chowki ceremony held at the Narang residence. Its a truly timeless, stunning signature outfit by Anita Dongre. Now look at this beauty! It is something that she can wear now or later or even five years later at another ceremony and it will still be the same. Anita Dongre is one designer known for her evergreen collections and I feel she understands pricing for Indian standards. I hope other designers too are listening in !