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I wish Papayas were Pink. Do you? November 1, 2009

Just Imagine! You have a pink room with pink net, lacy bed covers, pink Pina Colada, pink personal diary, pink pen with the feather on top! And some Pink Papaya on the plate hehe. Ok I may be pushing it with the Pink stuff here but I do wish that lots of things were pink in my room. But unfortunately its not a girls room any more. I live with a boy! (My husband) and so he has managed to the room in blue just like a boy’s room would be. There are blue walls, curtains, bed covers, duvets, pillows et al but I must say that he has done a darn good job with the interiors! He rocks!

Why am thinking all Pink?

The answer is the brand “Pink Papaya”! Created by Ashmi Bhansali, a pretty girl herself. Pink Papaya is her fashion label through which she makes gorgeous Indian and western wear, slippers, tie-up chappals and lots more. I came across Pink Papaya a few years ago at The Spratt Store in Bangalore and ever since Iam a fan. You too can taste the sweet stuff from her label. Its available at Oak tree in Colaba, Sattva at Khar, Mogra at at Lower Parel, Phoenix Mills and some other places too.  What she is also doing nowadays is helping you use your old sarees and dress material, perhaps Mummy’s old stuff that you can put to good use. If you too wanna get yourself something nice and fun but not necessarily brand new, here is your chance! Call Ashmi Bhansali on 9820009008 or email


So get yourself something pretty and pink (ok maybe not pink) from Pink Papaya! As for the owner,  I promise she is a magician with clothes so you sure will come back with a smile on your face!


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