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Rising Riya November 2, 2009

Riya Sen

The Sen sisters sure are famous. You know Raima and Riya? I think they are quite cute too. They can even pass off as twins. Na? Riya is known for her looks and the booty whereas Raima more for her acting skills. I do admire both their dressing styles too. They look fab when they don a Sabyasachi outfit! You know I’ve had some personal interactions with them while I used to live at Tarapore Gardens, Lokhandwala Complex back in 1991. They used to live with their mother Moon Moon Sen – I wonder if that’s how you spell her name! Anyway, Riya is more with the oomph quotient like I mentioned earlier. I always feel she is dressed tres chic. Its revealing and bold but what the heck! The babe can carry it all off. So here she is featuring in my Njj celeb list as the girl is lots of eye candy and I love her style. ( A little birdie told me that she has lost a lot of weight is looking awesome!)


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