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Miss Mugdha Godse! November 3, 2009

Mugdha Godse

Hey there! Ssssup. Its my lucky day again the no.3 day – you know. I did win something today too but am not going to bore you with it. Iam going to tell you about – Mugdha Godse. Heard of her? Iam sure you have. She was there in the movie Fashion, All the best and now she is starring in Jail too. Apparently its a de-glam role and all. Well, I think this girl will go far. She’s got the potential. Iam not particularly a fan of her performances yet but I do love her clothes. (And I think she’s hot). She does turn out in some stylish attire too. And once when I wrote to her on Facebook for an interview, she replied extremely professionally and did have some nice things to say about the work I do (blush blush) So here’s to you Miss Mughda with Jail releasing this weekend. All the best. Go places!


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