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Baby wants boots! November 4, 2009

Yup. That’s it. I know I need them. I want them. And I can’t wait. I mean a girls gotta have a decent pair of (in this case the first pair) of boots right. The last time I had boots? Well in mid 90s when Urmila Matondkar made them popular with Rangeela. Remember the mini skirts and the boot look? All the girls in my school had them. Technically those are my first pair but then I was a kid, I was too young, I had no sense of style so they don’t count alright.

So yeah! Iam back to being in the phase where I want a pair of boots and I want them bad. Iam giving myself a week or latest two to get them. Yes, I have already seen them at a couple of places. Forever New at Lower Parel Phoenix Skyzone (these are hot in velvet!) Mango at Atria Mall and Bandra has them and Promod too. Should I go for black o brown? Long ones or short ones? What do you feel? Come’on help me. Its my first pair of boots! (Promise it won’t be the last) 😉


Thinking out really loud! (What if I win a pair of boots just like I keep winning a whole lotta other stuff. Ok now am pushing it.


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