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Go Ginger yourself! November 5, 2009

Ginger Mailer

Ok hold on. Take it easy! I didnt mean it in an offensive way obviously! I meant that if you are looking for some time off and looking to take a girly holiday yet not burn big holes in your pocket – Ginger hotels from Taj is offering good deals on vacations. I’ve stayed at Ginger and its a lotta fun. You have a Cafe Coffee Day outlet, buffet meals, internet round the clock, cute rooms that remind you of your hostel dorms etc. They are at nice places too like Nasik, Pondicherry, Pune and many more. So you can enjoy the awesome weather yet spend a girly holiday with your bunch uff girl pals. Cool eh?


One Response to “Go Ginger yourself!”

  1. I love Ginger too much..wish I could spend a holiday every month.

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