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Shimmer like a star. November 6, 2009


Love bling? Who doesn’t? (Mehr Jesia Rampal! Yes apparently she doesn’t give a damn about jewelery and her hubby the hottie Arjun Rampal says he’s so lucky) I know most men would kill to have a wife like her hahahahahah!

But most women love to doll up! Some are all for the glitter of gold, others swear by silver the rest want to look pretty in Platinum. Well whatever it is that is your bling quotient, I have news that will make you shimmer as you read this. I just received this text so this is fresh and hot and make the most of it while the offer lasts. If you are First Citizen Club Member of Shoppers Stop (apparently everyone I know is) and if you wanna buy some gold and diamond from Damas, you will get a holiday voucher absolutely FREE FREE FREE! The catch? Offer valid from 7th Nov’09 to 30th Nov’09 and only at Shoppers Stop.


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