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Fab Festive Offers From Femina ! November 7, 2009

Femina ! Now that is a magazine I have been reading or atleast seeing ever since I was a child. My mother subscribed to it every since I can remember. It was a cult magazine for women at that time and I think it still is in many ways although a dozen other magazines have mushroomed over the years – Iam quite loyal to this one (I do read all but Femina is a friend) . Iam sure as little girls all of us sneaked away with the copy of Femina and read all the things that were so not meant for us to read! Now that’s all a part of growing up I would think! Right?

Ok coming to the point, Femina is offering some super offers if you subscribe. You can pick, choose and pack (i love the sound of that) your own gifts to go with your subscription. Cool na? Take a look.

Am sure you would be tempted! So go ahead, log on to

P.S. The site is pretty cool! All about girly stuff. Make-up and break-ups, the works.


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