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Be beautiful on your big day. November 10, 2009

So many dreams and aspirations. So many wishes and prayers. So many expectations. A new bride is all this and much more! If you are tying the knot this year or know someone who is, give something that will truly help them to prepare for the big day as they relax and rejuvenate. My best friend gifted me spa treatments last year at the Antara spa in The Club in Andheri and Iam so grateful for the much needed gift. Every bride needs and deserves the relaxation. Talking of that, Tattva Spa in New Delhi is offering some exciting packages. Feeling spa-ish? Go get yourself a treat!

P.S. Go for a body polish as it scrubs and exfoliates and also gives you a glow. Massages are a must as they will soothe you and relax you completely – although you will be back to being your jittery self once again after a while – but do it – you owe it to yourself !: )


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