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Mmmm. Butter it up! November 11, 2009


Ok “butter on your bread” maybe expensive these days or out of stock atleast it is in my area but there is no such thing at the Butter store at Pali Hill Bandra. Oodles of style and chic is what you will find in here. The store is coincidentally run by a friend of mine(not like we are in touch) who lived in the same building as I did. Her name is Nitika Dheer. I remember playing with her as a teen. She was very sweet and friendly. I still recall vividly when she had moved into our complex and wanted to make new friends. I was sitting on a bench with a friend of mine and we were going to Essel World that day, this was like in the mid 90s or something. She came up and said “Will you play something” and the rest is history. We did hangout but then grew up and made new friends. But what am really excited about is her new venture “Butter” its got amazing clothes. You should check out as its got a Sale going on. And if you meet Nitika, say a BIG HELLO to her from me, will you? Here is how to reach there. Rembrandt, Pali Hill, Nargis Dutt Road, Bandra (W) (2605-6554). Daily 11am-8.15pm. Clothes and accesories Rs 400-Rs 4,000.

P.S. oh and i cant help but think of this. “Betty bought a butter but the butter was bitter so betty bought another butter to make the bitter butter better” !


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