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Phyan Phew! November 11, 2009

Filed under: Baby is blissful,Colaba Causeway,Feel good,Girl Gaze — Gorgeous Girlie @ 12:09 pm



Phew! Thank god the Cyclone alert has been called off ! I mean I had started to imagine the worst that could happen – I was thinking more on the lines of the movie 2012. Ok enough of negative thought – on a brighter and better note. I did a lot uv shopping today. I bought myself a snazzy pair of jeans from Bennetton at Colaba. Somehow Bennetton jeans works for me. It always has. The fit, the color, the length, the waist – its all perfect to suit my jeans quotient (if there is a term like jeans quotient) So yeah! What else I ordered? A nice tusser silk dress from my friend Anaka ofcourse in Chennai. You can take a look and see how fabulous it is. I can’t wait to put it on and attend a family function that I have this Saturday. I love to dress in these fusion clothes. Iam not really the salwar kameez type. I love silk too so this was an easy choice. Although am curious as to which accessories and bags and shoes will go with it? How to accessorise it? Any brainwaves? Send them to me!


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