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Babes in the bylanes of bandra November 13, 2009

Muah store

Muah Store, Palladium

Yes. That’s what we were! Trudging along the foot hills of Pali Hill scouting for a party outfit in the spate of boutiques in the unending bylanes of Bandra. We talked, we laughed, we got lost and then we found our way back. It was truly a girly hour. The shopping spree that finally was completed at Just Phat (What a discovery this store is!) was followed by some mouth watering and tongue tingling Bharleli Mirchi at Mumbai Times Cafe at the Magnet Mall. Aaah! This is what I call a day well spent. You know shopping with your girl friends is an experience that matches no other. You can talk about everything under the sun. You can be your girly self and not be judged. You can talk about how much weight you lost or have put on or need to lose and they will still be by your side listening to you – being there. We girls are so sweet aren’t we! So yeah! I did find my self a hot hot hot jumpsuit from Just Phat yesterday – thanks to the store manager and her mood she gave me a Rs 1000/- off (boy I was thrilled) for I had tried a jumpsuit before that at Muah at Palladium (By the way they have cute stuff. I did pick up a party top! Love the colors very girly and pretty. They are getting new stock this weekend for Winter do visit. Awesome sales staff too) and then one at Drama Queen but nothing quite worked for me. This is lovely. This is it. A slim-fit ankle length denim jumpsuit – I finally found what I really wanted ! 🙂 Thankyou to the gods of shopping.


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