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Jitter bug November 18, 2009

Cre'art - Pondicherry

Yes Iam. I have an important interview to conduct with an extremely celebrity like person and am kinda jittery. Although its a good to be a little jittery well that’s what they all say. So here Iam frantically looking up details about the man, his past, present and see the best q’s I can get! Phew! This better go well. Wish me luck. I need loads of it. What else am thinking of? Going shopping ofcourse! Here’s a new store I have found out about in Pondicherry. Its called Cre’art and it looks quite a dish. It’s got clothes, accessories, bags and a whole lot of other goodies. What I like about this (Although I haven’t been here as yet but I have a shopping sense. I can sense things about stores. Sniff Sniff) are the brightly colored walls and the fresh vibe that everything here emanates. A neat, uncluttered space that is inviting and interesting to look at and shop at! What say? So Cre’art is on my list and so are a few others. Wish me Happy Shopping!


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