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Pretty Planners November 24, 2009

Mumbai 2010 Planner by Krsna Mehta

I love diaries. I have loved them since I was a little girl. Iam like a collector of diaries. Sometimes I have so many I dont know which one Iam currently using or where I have written what. I love to gift them too because am sure everyone needs a diary. You can never go wrong with gifting one right. Ok now that you have got the point – I can tell you that a nice looking diary is up for grabs! You can order it at a discounted price too. Go order, write document!


2 Responses to “Pretty Planners”

  1. kirti Says:

    How do I order a copy and what is it priced at? I most certainly want my personal copy of it. And it would make a great gift for me to bring back for colleagues here in the US when I return from my Christmas break visit home.

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