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Gorgeous Girlie in Pondicherry! November 24, 2009

Been to Pondicherry? (Pawn – the – sherrreee! as the French say it!) Then you need no introduction to colonial architecture, quaint streets and beautiful people. The peace, the restful ambiance, the calm that prevails all across the town is enough to stop the traffic of thoughts in your head. But what’s quite interesting is the shopping experience here! Yes the shopaholic that Iam, I had to discover my own stores and buy things for myself and others and know what’s good where et al. So here is my list! Now on something called the Suffren street is Cre’art (I have blogged about this one before and it turned out to better than I expected. Awesome stuff!) Nirvana and Fab India. Cre’art has three separate rooms and you can walk from one to another as you browse through everything from bags to belts, dresses to diaries, kiddie clothes to kool stationery, stoles and silk outfits. There is a lot kitschy stuff, boho outfits, tie-up kurtas, puff sleeved tops, knee-length kurtas that can double up as dresses and all this comes at an awesome price! The place also has a cafe and wi-fi so you can sit there and sip coffee and watch the brightly light and beautifully designed store. Nirvana next door is like the king of kitsch – bollywood and tollywood is all you find on everything from cushion covers to pouches, beads, tops, tees. I wasn’t quite pleased with the things here – well nothing very unique but worth a look nevertheless. The two treasures of Pondi shopping after Cre’art are 1- Casabalanca and Kalki – lucky for you they are both opposite to each other on one of the main shopping streets of Pondi. The former is a Hidesign boutique and has clothes, jewelery, bags, accessories for men and women. Lots of choice for women – I did manage to pick up a skirt and some nice chic jewelery to go with my outfits and even a couple of hair accessories. Kalki is more exotic in-terms of the stuff available. Here you find accessories that you will perhaps team up with a flowy gown you wear on a beach or a resort vacation – lots of paper, thread and cloth accessories – beautiful silk jackets, some bright chappals and lovely handbags to go with your attire! I came back with my handful and pockets empty and I cant wait to back there again! (I think I may have discovered my new shopping paradise! Yay!


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