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Hey you! With the dirty shoes. Time to Reboot. November 26, 2009

Sometimes a pair of dirty shoes could really take a toll on your confidence level and that’s when you know what what’s on the outside matters too. Well it does pay to be well turned out. And if you think you have no time to wash those dirty shoes – let the professionals do their job. Pick up the phone and call a shoe laundry. Reboot is one of them and when I tried their service – I think I was quite satisfied – will I send my shoes and bags their again? – Yes I would – who has the time to clean them anyway! You’d better try them if you have those pair of stinky n smelly n dirty shoes piled up in your shoe rack. Its better to be clean that clumsy right?


Go get them squeaky clean!

Log on to

or call them on 9867435528/ 9819800334



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