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Spotted ! Electrifyingly elegant woman. November 26, 2009

Do you know who am talking about? Ms. Priya Kishore of Bombay Electric ofcourse (Damn my digicam konked off!). As I was returning from my mini shopping spree from Fab India in KalaGhoda (No I didn’t get clothes – I kept contemplating over a sexy piece of patiala and kurta for Rs 1660/- ended up buying tangy pickle and chaat masala instead) I was passing by Campion School and YWCA as I saw her marching away wearing a gorgeous green dress over a pair of sassy leggings and a jacket of sorts and a quirky pair of sunglasses. I gotta tell you – this girls’ got style. And that bob she sported! It put my poodle hair to shame. Gosh I better rethink my bangs now! Hello Ms. Electric or should we say Ms. Eclectic !


One Response to “Spotted ! Electrifyingly elegant woman.”


    I 100% agree with you.
    Cheers – Priety

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