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Good Girl Glasses November 27, 2009

All good girls wear a pair of glasses. Don’t you think? Ok let’s line them all up. Kajol – she is never spotted anywhere without them off screen of course. Then there is Shabana Azmi. Julia Roberts! You know what am saying! Good girls wear glasses. Not just any glasses but a pair of cute and sexy glasses. Glasses that bring out the geek side in them yet make them look girly and cute. Glasses that go with their personality and without a doubt help them see better but also let them look good! Now I got my pair made last year – and boy am I tired or am I tired of wearing the same pair for over a year now. Iam hunting for that perfect pair of charming chashmas that will make me look all cocksure and confident? Where do you suggest I get them made? Your local store or a branded boutique? I’d love to know.


2 Responses to “Good Girl Glasses”

  1. Zahra Says:

    Cross has a good range of glasses.

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