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Kurti Kulture November 27, 2009

Bandhni Print Kurti

Recently I came across a brand called “Kurta Kompany” at Sobo Central in Tardeo. Very desi and traditional with a touch of bohemian too but mostly extremely vibrant and beautiful. Colorful kurtas to dress your occasions. Speaking of Kurtas – Global Desi by Anita Dongre – a store I always visited and never bought from (Oh I have a long list of those stores. You do too?) I mean I dont know what works or doesn’t. Its a bit of mood, price, staff, service, collection. I guess all of these have to align inorder for a purchase to happen you know something like the shopping planets or something. Anyway – I have a family wedding extravaganza coming up and I had to pick up a kurti for one of the functions and I just got really lucky. Its this bandhni print kurti sleeveless with diamond like shimmering buttons. I love it. I cant wait to put it on and look like a newly wed bride in red!


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