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Esha’s Khopikar adorns Anita’s creation ! November 28, 2009

End of the year means new beginnings for many! Weddings galore and a whole new life in store. Our celebs too seem to choose this time to embrace holi matrimony. The latest in the bandwagon? Esha Khopikar and Timmy Narang. Quite a charming couple I must say! What I really want you to see is what Esha has donned on the mata ki chowki ceremony held at the Narang residence. Its a truly timeless, stunning signature outfit by Anita Dongre. Now look at this beauty! It is something that she can wear now or later or even five years later at another ceremony and it will still be the same. Anita Dongre is one designer known for her evergreen collections and I feel she understands pricing for Indian standards. I hope other designers too are listening in !


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