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Good old November 28, 2009

Sometimes you know that the good old cup of coffee will comfort you. That not so new tattered jacket will still keep you warm and the cup of instant noodles will satiate your hunger like nothing will. So I decided to go down that “good old” road this weekend. I went to a store I used to visit before I got married and I was so glad to see the values that remained the same. I had bought a dress (A plain red dress) Only I know how badly I wanted a plain red dress but it seems like I wasn’t to destined to have it. Atleast not just yet.

As it turns out the dress didn’t fit, it had to be altered and it still wont fit. The store manager let me return it although it was after months and I came home with a brand new super chic outfit.

This pretty new thing had the winter look yet it had that glittery touch so I could put it on for a formal dinner I had to be at yesterday. I can safely say that I can always trust this Good old store with my outfits. I feel the loyalty, I still love the designs and I like that I can speak my mind and get things done in a way that will make me satisfied. Remember the Winter Chic I was looking for? I think I finally got it at Golmaal.


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