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Under the “beautiful” weather November 29, 2009

Mumbai at this time is pleasant. You can put on a nice jacket and a pair of boots to keep you warm if you like (or if you just need a reason to get them out of your closet). I did the same. Although the weather is beautiful and quite romantic, Iam kinda under the weather (Too much eating out, work stress aarrgh). Nature’s way of telling you to slow down, take a deep breath. I did make most of the Sunday though! Had a warm cup of coffee (tried a new Singapore based brand Melosa coffee its called. Yeah am quite a coffeeholic) caught up on some comedy programs and had a good laugh with family. I also caught the latest flick De dana dan! Quite a rib tickler contrary to reviews about the slow pace of the film, I highly recommend this one for a good laugh. We all need one now don’t we? I was really looking forward to looking at Miss Katrina Kaif’s wardrobe in the film but I was somewhat disappointed. I loved her looks in many movies including  the movie Race, Singh is King and even the recent Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani, however this one had her looking lovely only in the songs. Well ! You have to admit the lass looks good in almost anything but in this movie she could have done better. What do you think?


2 Responses to “Under the “beautiful” weather”

  1. vinoth kaamley Says:

    i ………….l………….o…………..v…………..e…………..u……….

    KATRINA KAIF, looking very cute ..ajab pream ki ghazab .kahani every songs touch my heart..

    ALL .. Ajab pream ki ghazab kahani team … Thank you …

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