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Gold Digger December 1, 2009

Yes you staring at the “title” ! What all are you willing to do to get this golden top? Scrounge this month, not travel by cab for a week? Ditch the movies? Save on popcorn? This elegant yet sizzling piece is all yours and is available at Ensemble at Kalaghoda, Mumbai. Price tag? Rs 4900/- (Told you, you’d have to cut down on the other privileges of life. No pain – no gain.)

All I can say Iam willing to do all this and perhaps pay my phone bill slightly late all to grab this gorgeous golden designer blouse. I’d love to team it up with a little black skirt or perhaps a pair of fitted Capri, maybe even the black silk skirt I got from Nimbloo closet. Looks like I have it all sorted out, ok where’ s my piggy bank now.


3 Responses to “Gold Digger”

  1. Diksha Says:

    it’s toooo bling!!

  2. Diksha Says:

    need to buy a dress for new year’s njj!purse friendly advice please…can’t afford dis piece even after cutting down on the million expenses!

    • Gorgeous Girlie Says:

      Hi Diksha! There are loads of places you can get hold of a beautiful dress without feeling the pinch. Scout on Fashion Street Mumbai, Bandra Linking Road, hit the sales – everthings on sale thanks to the wedding and party season. Let’s make most of that shall we? Also, I’d like you to check out these stores at Bandra called IZZO, JUST PHAT, DRAMA QUEEN, KARMA COLA – you will find dresses between Rs 500- Rs 1000 or less. Cheers!

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