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Play when you can ! December 1, 2009

You know what they always told you when you were in school or college, “Oh so you are in school?” Enjoy this while it lasts and you had a puzzled look on your face wondering why they are saying what they are saying ! But when you enter this store called Play Clan in Delhi, all your troubles will disappear and you will begin to feel your creative juices flow. Why? How? That will reveal itself on the website (read below for details)

What’s the good news? Mumbaikars can make merry as they have finally decided to come to Mumbai. Now the big question they are asking on their facebook group is where to put up their store. In Bandra, Lower Parel or Colaba? What do you think? Where should they go? Will you recommend them Sobo or let them locate in Suburbs? Dont know? Cant say? At least look up their uber funky merchandise on


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